DDB New Zealand

Our business is to grow yours.

We grow our clients’ businesses by giving brands an Emotional Advantage™.

Knowing that people make decision based on emotions, and understanding the core human drivers, allows us to create these emotional connections at scale, with mass audiences, to deliver results at scale.

Meet the DDB team.

Our People

Hayley Horton
Hayley Horton Planner
Michelle Mangilet
Michelle Mangilet Accounts Payable Officer
Jeane Lundberg
Jeane Lundberg Producer
Kimberly Clark
Kimberly Clark Business Director
Renee Bryant
Renee Bryant Copywriter
Helen Southern
Helen Southern Business Manager
Andrew Platt
Andrew Platt Group Financial Accountant
Milon Williams
Milon Williams Audio Engineer
Megha Jaiswal
Megha Jaiswal Operations & Finance Assistant
Connyr Snell
Connyr Snell Art Director
Julie Balingit
Julie Balingit Studio Traffic Manager
Tom Sykes
Tom Sykes Strategist
Aaron Hodgson
Aaron Hodgson Senior Business Director
Danica  Paki
Danica Paki Business Lead
Cain Duff
Cain Duff Copywriter
Nigel Sutton
Nigel Sutton Senior Integrated Producer
James Whittington
James Whittington Full Stack .NET Developer
Willie Falloon
Willie Falloon Senior Digital Producer
Alice Shirtcliff
Alice Shirtcliff HR Advisor
Angelica Molina
Angelica Molina Business Manager
Annika Fyfe
Annika Fyfe Planner
Damon Stapleton
Damon Stapleton Chief Creative Officer
Maisie D'Cruz
Maisie D'Cruz Copywriter
Sam French
Sam French Business Manager
Shelley Cousins
Shelley Cousins Print Producer
Mark Trethewey
Mark Trethewey Editor
Judy Thompson
Judy Thompson Executive Producer
Carman Kwan
Carman Kwan Business Manager
Anastasia Maslennikova
Anastasia Maslennikova Motion Designer
Amy-Rose Lynch
Amy-Rose Lynch Art Director
Lucy Paykel
Lucy Paykel Senior Business Director
Kristel Bauer
Kristel Bauer Accounts Payable
Brett Colliver
Brett Colliver Creative Director
Paul Kim
Paul Kim Art Director
Simon Betton
Simon Betton Head of Technology
Sharryn Robinson
Sharryn Robinson Executive PA/Office Manager
Amelia Wong
Amelia Wong Mac Designer
Barry Cumming
Barry Cumming Senior Mac Designer
Stan Lee
Stan Lee Art Director
Brad Collett
Brad Collett Creative Director
Georgina Foot
Georgina Foot Business Manager
Jacob Newton
Jacob Newton Copywriter
James Blair
James Blair Lead Business Partner
Michael Schibli
Michael Schibli Accountant
Chelsea Bostock
Chelsea Bostock Business Coordinator
Julz Lane
Julz Lane Print Producer
Katie Shrubb
Katie Shrubb Business Coordinator
Helen Darwin
Helen Darwin Senior Business Manager
Maxine Douglas
Maxine Douglas Business Manager
Roxanne Laverty
Roxanne Laverty Accounts Payable
Tabitha Parke-Gailey
Tabitha Parke-Gailey Production Assistant
Rory McKechnie
Rory McKechnie Creative Director
Chris Evans
Chris Evans Lead .NET Developer
Nick Wolfgram
Nick Wolfgram IT Manager
Zac Lancaster
Zac Lancaster Art Director
Freddie Coltart
Freddie Coltart Creative Director
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Digital Designer
Rupert Price
Rupert Price Chief Strategy Officer
Courtney Dow
Courtney Dow Copywriter
Dan Cummings
Dan Cummings Editor
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards Mac Designer
Justin Mowday
Justin Mowday Chief Executive Officer
Geordie Wilson
Geordie Wilson Copywriter
Annabelle Reynolds
Annabelle Reynolds Business Director
Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker System Administrator
Gareth Rice
Gareth Rice Art Director
Kristina Lindsay
Kristina Lindsay Senior Business Manager
Liz Knox
Liz Knox Digital Director
Nikki McKelvie
Nikki McKelvie Managing Partner
Sophia Cussell
Sophia Cussell Copywriter
Amanda Summersby
Amanda Summersby Post Production Producer
Anna Hall
Anna Hall Business Director
Emmanuel Odorisio
Emmanuel Odorisio Full Stack Developer
Marcel de Ruiter
Marcel de Ruiter Studio/Production Director
Jason Vertongen
Jason Vertongen Head of Design
Johannes Gertz
Johannes Gertz Head of Digital Delivery
Melissa Hoyle
Melissa Hoyle Studio Traffic Manager
Helen Southern
Helen Southern Business Manager
Danny Brown
Danny Brown Copy Writer
Karsen Song
Karsen Song Assistant Accountant
Lucy Dewhirst
Lucy Dewhirst Digital Media Manager
Haydn Kerr
Haydn Kerr Digital Creative Director
Wihan Meerholz
Wihan Meerholz Associate Creative Director
Nathaniel Ong
Nathaniel Ong Social Copywriter
Haley Horton
Haley Horton Planner
Annjanette  Forde
Annjanette Forde Executive Assistant
Vanisha Narsey
Vanisha Narsey Planner
Aiken Hutcheon
Aiken Hutcheon Copywriter
Natalia Spreys
Natalia Spreys Interactive Designer
Gordon Moir
Gordon Moir Retoucher
Sheetal Pradhan
Sheetal Pradhan Producer
Matt Williams
Matt Williams Creative Director
Anna Von Trott
Anna Von Trott Creative Services Manager
Melissa Ching
Melissa Ching Integrated Content Producer
Lily Macintosh
Lily Macintosh Art Director
Mariah Temploneuvo
Mariah Temploneuvo Creative Traffic Coordinator
Lucinda Sherborne
Lucinda Sherborne Executive Planning Director
Georgina Levitt
Georgina Levitt Senior Business Manager
Lizzy Funaki
Lizzy Funaki Lead Producer – Digital Content
Haydn Kerr
Haydn Kerr Digital Creative Director
Mike Felix
Mike Felix Creative Director
Marty OHalloran
Marty OHalloran CEO & Chairman DDB NZ & Australia
Rob Flynn
Rob Flynn Senior Creative
Danillo Castilho
Danillo Castilho Lead Front End Developer
Annabel Rees
Annabel Rees Group Business Director
Marcell de Ruiter
Marcell de Ruiter Studio/Production Director
Chris Willingham
Chris Willingham Managing Director
Paul McHugh
Paul McHugh Chief Financial Officer
Musonda Katongo
Musonda Katongo Senior Designer
Justin Koh
Justin Koh Digital Designer
Hanna Pettit
Hanna Pettit Senior Business Director
Toni Guy
Toni Guy Business Manager
Milon Williams
Milon Williams Audio Engineer
Megan Wilcox
Megan Wilcox Senior Business Manager
David Woon
David Woon Digital Designer
James Li
James Li Motion Designer
Zofia Wereszczynska
Zofia Wereszczynska Business Director
Lauren Day
Lauren Day Social Art Director
Nicole Dekker
Nicole Dekker Senior Mac Designer
Eva Lin
Eva Lin .NET Developer
Caroline Logan
Caroline Logan Group Business Director
Jay Kim
Jay Kim Art Director
Greer Robson-Kirk
Greer Robson-Kirk HR Assistant
Crystal Clark
Crystal Clark Senior Business Director
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Senior Business Director
Malcolm Campbell
Malcolm Campbell Digital Producer
Laura Bathurst-Adams
Laura Bathurst-Adams Senior Business Director
Bart Wright
Bart Wright Business Manager
Karen Sew Hoy
Karen Sew Hoy Human Resources Director
Sam Royal
Sam Royal Senior Producer
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan Copywriter
Kate Lines
Kate Lines Lead Business Partner
Ravina Raju
Ravina Raju Business Manager
Thinza  Mon
Thinza Mon Senior Planner
Karla Fisher
Karla Fisher Lead Business Partner
Adam Barnes
Adam Barnes Art Director
Haylee Killip
Haylee Killip Business Director
Natasha Birch
Natasha Birch Business Coordinator
Christie Cooper
Christie Cooper Creative Director
Kate Lines
Kate Lines Lead Business Partner
Michael Doolan
Michael Doolan Senior Business Manager
Sarsha Drakeford
Sarsha Drakeford Art Director
Graeme Clarke
Graeme Clarke Copywriter
Chloe McLeod
Chloe McLeod Social Manager
Deanne Somervell
Deanne Somervell Assistant Production Accountant
Camille Coltman
Camille Coltman Local Store Advertising and Logistics Manager
Carina Egelhof
Carina Egelhof Digital Strategist
Caroline Logan
Caroline Logan Group Business Director
Catherine Maclean
Catherine Maclean Group Financial Accountant
Tom Sykes
Tom Sykes Strategist
Camila Camargo
Camila Camargo Front of House
Claire Colohan
Claire Colohan Senior TV Producer
Laura Dueker
Laura Dueker Mac Operator
James Whittington
James Whittington .NET Developer
Natalie Pierpoint
Natalie Pierpoint Business Partner
Amy Harrison
Amy Harrison Business Manager
Gleb Devyatkin
Gleb Devyatkin Full Stack Developer
Jenny Travers
Jenny Travers Business Partner
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook UX Designer
Rajiv Patel
Rajiv Patel Group Financial Controller
Mike McMillan
Mike McMillan Developer
James Conner
James Conner Creative Director
Karla Fisher
Karla Fisher Lead Business Partner
Josep Jover
Josep Jover Art Director
Jaheb Barnett
Jaheb Barnett Senior Business Director
Kathryn Hollis
Kathryn Hollis Mac Designer
Mitch Young
Mitch Young Senior Business Director

Love the work

Recent Awards

DDB NZ was named NZ's Most Effective Agency at the 2018 Effie Awards. This year, we were named the 5th Most Effective Agency in the World at the Effie Awards.

We were also named New Zealand Creative Agency of the Year, New Zealand Digital Agency of the Year and NZ Social Media Agency of the Year by Campaign Asia-Pacific in 2018. 

Effie Awards
Campaign Asia Pacific
A Award
The Mashies
The One Show
The Webby Awards

DDB Group

DDB is part of DDB Worldwide, an Omnicom company.

We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and are part of the DDB Group, which is also made up of TRACK, Tribal, DDB Remedy and Mango.