Many of the world’s biggest sporting records are held by women. But when asked simple, non-gendered questions to find this information, like ‘who has scored the most goals in international football?’, search engines incorrectly favour popular male athletes, ignoring women’s achievements.

Algorithms have learnt to tell us that Cristiano Ronaldo’s 118 international goals are superior to Christine Sinclair’s 190 international goals, because that's what they think people want to see. 

So, Team Heroine created Correct The Internet: a UN backed initiative to right the wrongs of the internet.

The campaign was built around a new online tool, developed to highlight over 50 incorrect searches that create the bias and allow people to report the correct information on them.

Since the launch of Correct The Internet, millions of people around the world have helped us point out the bias to the search engines through our tool, social sharing, and the media. And now search results have started changing, as well as the search engines themselves, by developing new features that offer male & female results, making the achievements of sportswomen visible to all who search for them.



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