The Warehouse is on a journey to become New Zealand’s most sustainable company, by improving their supply chain and through the products they offer to customers.

With no other retailer within New Zealand better placed to provide Kiwis with sustainable products at an affordable price, we needed to launch with a bold statement that drove impact. The Sustainable and Affordable campaign saw huge shifts for the brand with increased positivity towards The Warehouse brand by 35% and a huge 82% lift in perception around The Warehouse acting responsibly for the environment. 


We think when things work together it makes

the world a better place.

Let us explain.

A horse is a pretty good idea, but a horse

and carriage?

Now you’re talking.

Salt and pepper... rock and roll… fish and chips...

Understand what we’re saying?

One is ka pai but two is always better.


So, how about sustainable… and affordable?

You see sustainable products are great, but

they’re not much use if they aren’t affordable.

Well, now they are.

At The Warehouse we have over 5,000

amazing products that are more sustainable

and affordable.

And that’s just the start...




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